Inter-Generational Program

“Our lives are molded by the people that touch us; Our families, friends, coworkers, the experiences we share and the people we meet along the way. Everyone, young and old, has a special gift that they were equipped with to share with the world.”

The Canton Daycare Center Inter-generational program, located on Maplewood Campus, offers a unique opportunity for ongoing intergenerational activities to take place. It provides a home to both the Canton Daycare Center and the assisted-living facility,  offering sub-acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing services for older adults. When combined, seniors and children offer each other comfort, life lessons and friendship.


Many of today’s children live far away from their grandparents and do not have an opportunity for interaction with older adults. This distance can lead to a child fearing older people and the aging process. For the senior, life without a child’s presence can be lonely and detached. Here at Maplewood, children get together regularly with the seniors to share snacks, crafts, story telling, and a host of other activities.

“The magic in what occurs isn’t necessarily in the structured activity that is taking place, rather the relationships that are formed between the child and the older person.”

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