Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Rooms

3 to 5 years

Our preschool program maintains a ratio of one qualified teacher for every seven children, up to a maximum of 14 children.

The program provides a place for children to be an active participant in a learning and fun-filled environment! Our experienced staff provide an age and developmentally appropriate curriculum, where learning is facilitated through play. Early childhood skills of reading readiness, math concepts, and language development are promoted through teacher-guided activities and independent learning centers. Emphasis is placed upon interaction with peers and the development of positive socialization skills. Our teachers also work in collaboration with Banford Elementary School’s Pre-K program and Kidstart, providing exceptional wrap-around care.

Our preschool teachers always have something exciting to offer the children! Play centers allow the children to dress up and pretend, play a variety of musical instruments, sit quietly in the reading corner, build a tower of blocks, race cars and trucks, put puzzles together, be creative with a wide variety of art materials, and simply enjoy the company of friends.

The daily schedule helps to provide a familiar flow to each day, and balances active and quiet play with child- and teacher-directed activities in a variety of learning centers.

We welcome you to our preschool classroom with our welcome song! What day and month is it? What’s the weather like outside? How is everyone feeling? What would you like to help with today? What did you bring to share with your friends? Let’s sing some of our favorite songs and here’s a new one for you! I have a special story to read you! Here’s what else we are going to do today!…

Banford Elementary School’s Kidstart Wrap-Around Program

Leave your childcare worries at our door!

Kidstart Morning:

Once your child’s morning session is over the teachers will see to it that your child gets on the bus to our center – just in time for a hearty lunch!

Kidstart Afternoon:

Drop your child off with us in the morning and we will see to it that he or she gets on the bus for the Kidstart afternoon session and comes right back to us on the after school bus – just in time for a healthy snack!

Bus arrives and departs at 10:30 a.m., and again at 2:45 p.m.