Summer Program

Our Summer Program is planned around weekly themes and filled with arts and crafts, exploring nature and science, storytelling, music, games, water play, playground play, and much more. Walking distance trips and field trips, as well as guest presenters, are organized. When possible, the Center coordinates with the Canton Recreation Department to participate in their swim lessons.

The 2018 Summer Program runs from June 25th through August 31st.

Session 1
June 25th – 29th

This week the children will be exploring the bountiful nature we have right in our backyard! The students will be taking walks down the nature trail, camping out under blanket tents, looking at native insects, and making nature inspired artwork.  The focus will be exploring the world outside the four walls of our classroom!

Session 2
July 2nd – 6th

Take a dive under the sea with us for beach week! The students will learn about the great biodiversity of the ocean through pictures, books, art projects, and hands-on activities. They will then apply this knowledge when talking about conservation efforts and ways we can help to keep our oceans clean and safe!

Session 3
July 9th – 13th
Outer Space

This week is out of this world! Students will shoot for the stars when learning about constellations, the surface of the moon, and rockets through art projects and science activities. Students will think outside the box while exploring the planets and universe around us!

Session 4
July 16th – 20th
Harry Potter

What a spellbinding week we have planned! Students will get creative making their own spells, potions, and magical wands. They will have the opportunity to make and write with quill pens, try their hand at quidditch, and eat foods seen in the movie. Never has a fictional world seemed more real!

Session 5
July 23rd – 27th

It’s a jungle out there! This week we will be looking at different animals in the rainforest through activities, art projects, and books. We will then use this knowledge to learn how to protect them and maintain their impressive biodiversity. To wrap up learning about this important ecosystem we will be talking about the rainforests rain system!

Session 6
July 30th – August 3rd

Welcome aboard for pirate week! The students will be taken on an adventure while making compasses, pirates hats, and hunting for hidden pearls and treasure. Learning about the high seas through crafts and experimentation will give the children a glance into a pirates life!

Session 7
August 6th – 10th
Secret Spy

Send your kids undercover during spy week! Your child will become a secret agent with their own fingerprint badges, use of invisible ink, and secret message decoders. They will experiment with a CSI kit and put their new secret operative skills to the test with a stolen item scavenger hunt!

Session 8
August 13th – 17th
Wild West

Go back in time to the rough and tumble wild west! Students will have the chance to pan for gold, use a lasso, and make lanterns. Old fashioned butter making will allow them to learn about how food was made before modern technology, and they will begin writing their own westerns through planned writing activities!

Session 9
August 20th – 24th
Travel & Places

Around the world in five days! The students will be exploring the world around them and expanding their world view through interaction with foreign goods, storytelling, and crafts. We will take them on a journey to different corners of the world; who knows where they may want to travel next!

Session 10
August 27th – 31st
Fairy Tales & Super Heroes

Expand your imagination this week as we engage with fairy tales and superheroes! Creating mythical creatures, inventing their own super powers, and designing their own magical world is just the beginning. This week will end in our end of summer celebration with water play!

If you would like your child to attend any of these sessions, please send back our summer contract with your deposit as soon as possible.