Summer Program 2020

Our Summer Program is planned around weekly themes and filled with arts and crafts, exploring nature and science, storytelling, music, games, water play, playground play, and much more. Walking distance trips and field trips, as well as guest presenters, are organized. When possible, the Center coordinates with the Canton Recreation Department to participate in their swim lessons.

The 2020 Summer Program runs from June 29th through September 4th.

June 29th – July 3rd

Pack your capes and cowls for this week of super hero fun. Throughout the week we will be creating new superheroes, reading genre classics, creating our own comic books, and exploring the things that make us all extraordinary. We may even get a visit from real life superheroes.

Session 2S.T.E.M. Explorers #1
July 6th – 10th

There is no better way to experience the world of S.T.E.M. than through hands-on experimentation, and that is exactly what this week is all about. Days will be filled with all the amazing, mind-blowing, curiosity-sparking, and often messy things that make science so interesting and fun to explore.

July 13th – 17th

This week is centered on artistic expression by learning and exploring different mediums, and how famous artists throughout history pushed the boundaries of color, form, and function to create masterpieces. Each day we will look at new artists and then create our own pieces that will be presented to parents at the end of the week in our very own Art Show

July 20th – 24th

If you enjoy the outdoors this week is for you. We will find, through hands-on exploration, that the natural world right in our own backyards is filled with fantastic bio-diversity and endless possibility for discovery. We will be wading through streams, getting up-close to fawn and flora, learning about outdoor survival, and exploring trails around Canton.

July 27th – 31st

Join us for a trip around world to sample local cuisine and learn about different cultures. We will be stopping in Greece, Germany, Jamaica, Armenia and Thailand.

August 3rd – August 7th

We will be honoring the glory of the 2020 Summer Olympics this week by breaking up into different countries  (teams) and holding our own zany events. With activities designed to test all different types of strengths, not just physical prowess, this week will be a fun challenge for kids of all ability. The week will begin with the lighting of a torch and culminate with a medal ceremony that families are invited to join!

August 10th – 14th

Come explore the wonders of space with us this week. We will test out some of the cosmic laws the govern not just us, but the entire universe. With a meteor shower scheduled for the same week, this is a perfect session for those who are always looking upwards.

Session 8THEATER
August 17th – 21st

This week is designed for the dramatic and creative thinkers out there. We will be acting in short plays, designing sets, making costumes, as well as writing and producing our very own play for the parents at the end of the week

August 24th – 28th

Always a popular theme, this year’s dinosaur week digs even deeper into the science that helps us understand the prehistoric past in which these animals ruled. We will be sifting through sands, putting together broken pieces of fossils, and learning about how the world has changed throughout the millennia.

Session 10S.T.E.M. Explorers #2
August 31st – September 2nd

An abbreviated version of our S.T.E.M. Explorers week that focuses on forensic science, the science that law enforcement uses to find criminals

If you would like your child to attend any of these sessions, please send back our summer contract with your deposit as soon as possible.