12 to 24 months

Our tweeny program maintains a ratio of one qualified teacher for every four children, up to a maximum of eight.

The tweeny years are truly amazing. They are filled with magical discoveries,  developmental achievements, strides in independence, and a multitude of challenges. Our tweeny staff is dedicated to ensuring that not only will your child’s needs be met in a stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment, but also will help parents embrace and savor the wonderful adventures that their child will lead them on.

Our tweeny room is for independent walkers who are too young for the toddler room but too old for the infant room. We have separated these two classrooms as the development needs for these children are very different. Our tweeny classroom is set up to meet the developmental needs of the tweeny’s and to provide them the opportunity to make choices.

The tweeny room contains four learning zones:

  1. Dramatic Play Area
  2. Quiet & Reading Area
  3. Sensory Area
  4. Gross Motor Area

Typical Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30          Arrivals & Quiet Play

8:30-9:00          Breakfast

9:00-9:30          Diapers/Hand Washing/Teeth Brushing

9:30-10:00        Walk or Outdoor Play

10:00-10:30      Circle Time and Stories

10:30-11:00      Independent Play/Diapers/Hand Washing

11:00-11:30      Sensory/Table Activities/Creative Art Activity

11:30-12:00      Lunch

12:00-12:15      Clean up and Teeth Brushing

12:15-2:00        Nap Time

2:00-2:30          Outdoor/Independent Play and Diapering

2:30-3:00          Snack Time

3:00-3:30          Independent Play and Music Movement

3:30-4:00          Walk Outdoors or Independent Play

4:00-4:30          Creative Art Activity

4:30-6:00          Independent Play/Diapering/Departures