Canton Day Care Center is overseen by Executive Director Nancy Addison, who has been in this position since 2008. Each classroom is managed by a lead teacher and an assistant. Lead teachers must have an associate’s degree in early childhood education, with one year of specific training or experience in infant or toddler care. Assistants must have a high school diploma, with two years of direct experience working with children under 13 years of age.

Staff members are hired in accordance with regulations set by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. They must be mature, of good character, and possess suitable personal qualifications. Staff must be in good physical and mental health and have the energy and emotional stability necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions.

All staff, including the Executive Director, are required to get thirty hours of training every licensing period in the following areas:

  • Business Record Maintenance Management
  • Child Abuse & Maltreatment Identification & Prevention
  • Child Daycare Program Development
  • Identification, Diagnosis & Prevention of Shaken Baby
  • Nutrition & Health Needs of Children
  • Principles of Childhood Development
  • Safety & Security Procedures
  • Statues and Regulations Pertaining to Child Abuse
  • Statue and Regulations Pertaining to Child Care
  • First Aid & CPR Training
  • Foundations in Health and Safety

Our Staff

Executive Director 

Nancy Addison 

Nancy has been the Executive Director of CDCC since 2008. She is a life-long member of the community and has many years of experience working in with children.  Before being employed at our Center she earned a Bachelors in elementary education from SUNY Potsdam, and worked as both a preschool and school age teacher and a licensed home daycare provider for several years. Additionally, she was employed at BOCES as the family educator and was the director for both daycare centers within the facility. Nancy started working for CDCC at the Commerce Lane location, and believes the growth in the facility and its services is a reflection of the benefit to the community this Center provides.  She is proud of the safe, secure, and learning enriched environment of CDCC, and realizes that there is nothing more valuable than a parent’s peace of mind.

Infant Room

Sarah Flanagan: Sarah is the lead teacher in the infant room.  She has worked at CDCC since January of 2015, after having four years of previous daycare experience. She is a certified Child Development Associate (CDA) for the infant-toddler age group and is trained in first-aid, CPR, and medication administration (MAT). She loves watching the children grow and become more independent!

Tweeny Room

Jessica Rodriguez: Jessica is our lead teacher in the tweeny room of the Center. She has worked in childcare since 2012, and has been employed at CDCC since January 2014. Before entering the childcare field she earned an associates degree in math and science with an early childhood component. She is CPR and first aid certified, and is a certified Child Development Associate (CDA). When talking about working for CDCC she said, “I love working here and getting to see the children grow.  All of the love they have makes my day amazing.”

Tiffany Fredericks: Tiffany started working at CDCC as an assistant in the tweeny room in 2018 after graduating from SUNY Canton with an associates degree in nursing. She is CRP and first aid certified, and has been surrounded by kids her entire life. She enjoys her work at CDCC because she loves helping and being around children, and enjoys the friendly and creative atmosphere the Center provides.

Toddler Rooms 

Amber Daniels: Amber has an associates degree from SUNY Canton in early childhood education from birth through second grade.  She then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from birth through sixth grade, and became a literacy specialist after earning her masters degree from SUNY Potsdam. Amber has been a teacher at CDCC for the past six years, and was the lead infant room teacher for five of those years. In August of 2018 when the new toddler 1 room opened, she became the head teacher and loves preparing more in depth and hands on learning lessons with the kids. One of these is activities is bringing the toddlers to United Helpers on Monday and Friday to participate in Reading with Rita. Amber has always wanted to work with children, and strives to be a teacher in the public school system.

Gina O’Shea: Gina has worked at CDCC for fourteen years, and is currently working as the head teacher in our toddler 2 room. She earned an associates degree in early childhood education, and has used her knowledge and experience throughout her work in all rooms of the Center. One of her favorite parts of her job is, “watching the children get excited when they accomplish something new.”

Jennifer Sorensen: Jennifer has been a member of our team since July 2017.  She started working in the toddler 2 room, and within a month became the assistant teacher in the toddler 1 room.  She loves working at CDCC because, “we have such a diverse group of children who make my day a lot of fun.”

Wendy Flanagan: Wendy has been working working at the center since December of 2016 as an assistant in the toddler room. She has a BOCES certificate in early childhood education, and is currently working towards becoming a certified Child Development Associate (CDA). When working with the children at CDCC she, “enjoys giving the children new and exciting challenges and watching them succeed.”

Preschool Room 

Tracy Moulton: Tracy is the lead teacher in the preschool room. She has been a daycare provider for thirteen years, and began working at CDCC in 2015.  Tracy started as an assistant in the infant room, and became the assistant in the preschool room that same year. She became the lead teacher in the Fall of 2017 and says, “I enjoy working with children as it is a new adventure everyday.”

Shelby Paro: Shelby is an assistant teacher in the preschool room.  Before starting at Canton Day Care in September of 2016, she took early childhood courses through BOCES and received an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from SUNY Canton. Shelby takes pride in the intergenerational program with United Helpers offered here at CDCC.  She loves seeing the smiles on the faces of both the students and elderly residents when they participate in crafts and activities together.